Thinking About NVCC 7 28 2013

It is a shame when the Christian lives on the edge. By that I mean when you cannot tell if a person is a Christian or not. We have read two examples in Genesis of this edge living; when Abraham and Isaac lived in Gerar. It is an area right on the edge of the Promised Land. In both cases it led to the patriarch’s compromising themselves.

I know what edge living is for my mother often accused me of it when I was growing up. Now in my adult years I realize she had me pegged. This is ordinary behavior for a child. Studies of schoolyards found if there is not fence around the schoolyard the kids tend to play in the center. If there is a fence, the kids tend to play up to the edge of the schoolyard. The conclusion of the study was: Kids always are testing their limits.

Edge sitting always brings compromise, and that leads to heartache. Wouldn’t it be nice if Christians would learn to center themselves in God once and for all, and not be testing their limits!





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