Thinking About NVCC 7/14/2013

I don’t know who said this, “There will be no dysfunctional relationships in heaven; where as a functional relationship in hell will never be allowed,” but I agree with it.

I thought about that saying during the week and how we have a lot of dysfunctional relationships around us, and when we occasion upon an example of the functional it really stands out. I concluded that one of the things the Holy Spirit is doing in the sanctification process is teaching us how live a functional life in heaven.

Dysfunctional relationships are caused by sick depraved hearts. If one of those hearts were to make it to heaven, what would that person do there with their black tarred heart? They would seek out dysfunctional relationships and there would be none. Seems such a person would never feel at home.

One of our sayings is, “NVCC, a great place to call home until you go home.” It fits in with what the Holy Spirit is accomplishing in Christian sanctification. The church is helping to prepare us to be functional in heaven.

Getting adjusted,



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