Thinking About NVCC 6/23/2013

As we study through Genesis we have been learning God’s many names. In chapter one verse one, it was Elohim – The Strong One. Then it was YHWH [I Am He Who Is] (1:15) – God’s Covenant God. This was followed by El Elyon (14:19) – God Most High, El Shaddai (17:1) – God Almighty, and El Olam (21:33) – the everlasting God.

Does this mean God was growing as God? No, that’s progress theology; a complete misunderstanding of God. God does not change, but we do. We change so frequently that the Bible compares us to a blade of grass being blown by the wind.

Metaphorically as we unroll the scroll, Moses reveals the complexity of God through his names to us. It as if he was saying, “This is the God I’m talking about,” or “Now know God this way.” It seems like the one who is to be growing is the God seeker.

Most of us know God as just God; seems a bit flat after reading those other names. Perhaps this is why so many Christian lack a pulse. We have told God, “I will go this far in understanding you, and I will go no farther.”





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