Thinking About NVCC 6/9/2013

It was early evening and time to take Willie, my dog, for his last walk for the day. As I entered the park, two young men wearing white shirts and thin black ties pulled up along side me on their bicycles and began a conversation; I obliged them. Seems they bit off a little more then they could swallow for I gave them a lot chew on. We shook hands as they left for who they serve is the enemy not them.

In the last three Sunday’s we have seen how Abraham interceded for the lost. We learned Abraham was the only one standing between God and a person being judged. As the two young men rode off I had the opportunity to put intercession into practice. I prayed, “Lord form the mind and the heart of Jesus Christ in these two young men with the seeds you planted in them tonight.”

Practicing intercession is a big step in the Christian walk. Those who practice it will probably never know the impact it will have for God’s kingdom, but then we are not suppose to know those things; we are just suppose to be obedient.





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